Wedding Planner Journal

Having searched the internet for a good wedding planning journal for my boyfriends’ SIL to be, I was delighted to find one about 15mins away from me in Cork!! Problem was it was the night of December 23rd when I found it and we wanted it as a Christmas present. I e mailed the company and received a prompt e mail back asking for my mobile number. They came in on Christmas Eve to meet me so that I would have the journal to give as a Christmas gift. Lovely lady, amazing service and a local company….worth checking out. The company is called and here’s the link to the journal

Wedding Journal

Reflection Poem


These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that are holding yours on your wedding day as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow and forever.

These are the hands that will work along side yours as together you build your future.

These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, and with the slightest touch will comfort you like no other.

These are the hands that will hold you when fear or grief temporarily comes your way.

These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes, tears of sorrow and tears of joy.

These are the hands that will tenderly hold your children.

These are the hands that will give you support and encouragement to chase down your dreams.

These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times.

These are the hands that will give you strength when you need it.

These are the hands that will lift your chin and brush your cheek as they raise your face to look into eyes that are filled with overwhelming love for you.

These are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged will still be reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.

Humanist Ceremony Order of Service

Humanist ceremonies are become very popular in Ireland and it seems to be very difficult to find sample orders of service. Thanks to Dwight K Schute from for allowing me to upload her order of service – very much appreciated.

humanist wedding order of service



For further information about a Humanist Ceremony in Ireland check out

Another site worth checking out is and click on Design Your Own Ceremony

Remind your Priest/Reverand/Officiant

Most brides contact all their suppliers a few months before their big day just to make sure everything is ok but sometimes they forget that the priest/officiant is also a supplier. Please make a phone call to them as well.

I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and the priest didn’t turn up! Luckily there happened to be a priest in the parish church at the time and he filled in.

Another wedding I sang at, I arrived at a church with my gear ready to set up and met the priest on his way out – he was heading out for lunch. I told him the wedding was due to start an hour later and he tried to convince me I was wrong. he left the church anyway. I rang the bride and she nearly had a panic attack! she rang his mobile and told him to get back to the church as she was going to be there bang on time!

So while you’re doing the rounds of phoning or e mailing suppliers, remember there won’t be any wedding if you don’t have an officiant so remind them too!

Ave Verum Audio File

Just thought I’d upload another audio file. This is me with one of my voice coaches a couple of years ago singing the beautiful Ave Verum by Mozart. Note the deliberate mistake on the piano!

I’m hitting the recording studio soon so that I have some better quality audio files for my new website which will be coming in a few months!

Just click the link Ave Verum