Remind your Priest/Reverand/Officiant

Most brides contact all their suppliers a few months before their big day just to make sure everything is ok but sometimes they forget that the priest/officiant is also a supplier. Please make a phone call to them as well.

I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and the priest didn’t turn up! Luckily there happened to be a priest in the parish church at the time and he filled in.

Another wedding I sang at, I arrived at a church with my gear ready to set up and met the priest on his way out – he was heading out for lunch. I told him the wedding was due to start an hour later and he tried to convince me I was wrong. he left the church anyway. I rang the bride and she nearly had a panic attack! she rang his mobile and told him to get back to the church as she was going to be there bang on time!

So while you’re doing the rounds of phoning or e mailing suppliers, remember there won’t be any wedding if you don’t have an officiant so remind them too!

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