Where to Put Music in a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

I’m often asked where music needs to go during a catholic wedding so here you go!

Individual candle ceremony
Lighting of Unity Candle
Holy Holy
Ar n’Athair
Sign of Peace
Communion (choose 2 pieces)
Signing of Register (choose 2 pieces)

You don’t necessarily need music at all the parts above and not everyone has the candle ceremony. If you do have the candles, it should either be a short instrumental piece or something that you can just sing a verse of as it only takes a minute.

the register time varies hugely depending on the photographer – select at least two pieces but I recommend you don’t put your favourite music here as you just won’t hear it – you’ll either be out in the sacristy signing or you’ll have the photographer talking to you on the altar.

4 thoughts on “Where to Put Music in a Catholic Wedding Ceremony

  1. Hi Siobhan,

    A little clinking og glasses is in order for this new look YOU for 2009.

    As they say in the business LOVING YOUR WORK!!!!!

    Will find this site very useful to refer my brides to in the future. I have linked you to buds and berries already. Best of luck Felicity.

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